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The company Integraal Solutions

Integraal Solutions SA is an entrepreneurial adventure that began in 2012 when two entrepreneurs met.
The founding element is based on the idea that the technology exists and that business analytical solutions are often specific or non-existent. The effort required is considerable; the dialogue between the technical and business teams is a real challenge. We position ourselves as business experts to accelerate and simplify the implementation of analytical solutions around your data.
An integraal concept

Who are we?

Integraal Solutions is first and foremost a group of people who are passionate about data and IT and who quickly understood that IT is only a means of providing real business solutions. The dialogue between technical and business teams is often complex, and analytical applications (Business Intelligence | Dashboards) make it possible to remove this barrier and very quickly speak the same language.
A common, coherent and simplified vision of activities to enable people to talk to each other and above all to understand each other.

Our management team

Cédric Aeberli

Managing Partner and CEO

Cédric is an engineer with a taste for creation. A perfectionist and meticulous, he likes to believe that a job well done is based above all on a well-tried and pragmatic approach. We often hear him repeat a phrase that is representative of his personality: “do what you say and say what you do! “. With more than 28 years of experience in banking IT and more than 15 years in business intelligence, he is the head of Integraal Solutions and Integraal Data Services: two companies that are very closely linked to data and business.

Sébastien Zambianchi

Development Manager

Sébastien is a talented engineer, passionate, loyal and ready to take on any technical challenge. He has a very strong capacity to adapt to the different business needs of our clients. He always aims to meet the customer’s needs and has a very good knowledge of the banking sector after nearly 10 years in this sector and of the other industries we work with on a daily basis. It is clear that he knows how to put his energy and skills at the service of our customers and partners.
Since 2020, Sébastien has been responsible for the technical teams and the development of our solutions.

Angelo Pinna

Director Business Development

Angelo is a key figure in Integraal Solutions. He is responsible for developing the business by identifying new growth opportunities and supporting our existing customers in their achievements.
With more than 30 years’ experience in the field, Angelo stands out for his ability to identify and understand our customers’ needs.
If you had to sum up his philosophy, you’d often hear him say ‘quality work always brings confidence and peace of mind’.
There’s no doubt that his positive attitude and expertise in the field are invaluable assets for the continued growth of our company.

Miles Hopwood


Miles is the perfect stereotype of an entrepreneur. Accès Personnel, Integraal IT, Integraal Solutions and Integraal Data Services are all companies in which Miles supports their development. As a member of EO, a group of entrepreneurs, he is an excellent federator and supporter of our many initiatives.

Integraal Data Services

Integraal Data Services (IDS) is a company based in Geneva that positions itself in the world of data. The basic concept is to create an ecosystem of people, resources, freelancers, partners and skills around data-related professions: data governance, data quality management, data engineering, data analytics, data-viz, etc.

See the IDS web-site.

Our Values

It is easy to learn a new tool, but it is much more difficult to change yourself.
The company’s values are essential to identify the main ‘soft-skills’ of our future employees.
The adventure is a human one and he or she must live the company’s values on a daily basis.
When you share the same values, everything becomes possible and much easier!


We are proud of our products and services. Success is not only measured by the goal achieved, but also by the path taken and the experience gained.


To achieve a goal, one must believe in it and live it to the full. Despite doubts and uncertainties, commitment is a key factor for quality and personal success.


A challenge is not easy to take on. It requires courage, energy and enthusiasm. This is sometimes easier said than done on a day-to-day basis, but it is part of the general attitude that we appreciate in our employees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the strategy and operational management of companies with ready-to-use, quick-to-deploy, easy-to-use, efficient and pragmatic management solutions.
Implement automatic and standardised systems that allow the integration, analysis and restitution of quality data.
Contextualise the data in its business universe while providing a visual and graphic interpretation acquired within the entire company.
Leading and supporting a data-driven culture while remaining pragmatic, efficient and people-oriented.
These are the people who drive a company forward and carry its values.

Our Vision

Today’s business needs to capitalise on an essential raw material: data.
Quality data is the result of many internal operational processes and reflects the quality of the organisation.
Our vision is therefore based on the ability of the main players to manage data and not to be subjected to it.
The industrialisation of data management and analysis tools makes it possible to achieve this objective.
This is not a technological debate but a pragmatic response to business needs and objectives.


Our Partners

We have established close partnerships with the key players and solutions in the data market. These partnerships enable us to provide you with a comprehensive, controlled and innovative response to your data projects.

Integraal Data Services

Integraal Data Services (IDS), a member of the Integraal group, is a service company based in Geneva that is positioned in the world of data. The basic concept is to create an ecosystem of people, resources, freelancers, partners and skills around data-related professions: data governance, data quality management, data engineering, data analytics, data-viz, etc.

See the website


A team of multidisciplinary experts to carry out your most innovative projects. Designers, developers, marketers, we all define ourselves as entrepreneurs. We take up your challenges in a creative and innovative way, always with the objective of adding value to your business.
Creating digital solutions that will make you more efficient, more competitive, more profitable and that your users will love, using collective intelligence and technological innovation.
We combine the best of creativity, technology and marketing because we believe in the complementarity of skills to create successful solutions. We interact within a Swiss-French ecosystem of recognised digital professionals.

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We have been Qlik partners since the very beginning and are convinced that this technology is one of the best on the market.
Qlik is recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Analysis Platforms. Click here to see the article.

Find out why, in the largest global survey of BI and analytics users, users ranked Qlik #1 in 11 categories. Click here to see the article.

BI & Data Trends 2021 Discover the 10 emerging trends of the coming year. Click here to see the article.

See the website


We have been a Talend partner since the very beginning and are convinced that this technology is one of the best on the market.

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is a free download to start your first data integration and ETL projects.

See the website

Eri Bancaire

ERI is an international company specialising in the development, distribution and support of the integrated, real-time banking and wealth management software package: OLYMPIC Banking System®. Well established in the major financial centres, ERI is present in Geneva, Zurich, Lugano, London, Luxembourg, Singapore and Paris.

ERI considers quality of service to be its constant priority and provides its clients with all the elements necessary for their complete satisfaction: advice, project management, analysis, development, configuration, support and maintenance. More than 300 banks and financial institutions in over 50 countries have already chosen OLYMPIC Banking System®.

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Avaloq is a Swiss company that develops and supplies software for basic banking operations. The Avaloq Banking Suite software system is used by over 140 banks worldwide.

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